I’m a technical leader and consultant that helps businesses create and maintain their IT services more effectively. With over a decade of experience in real DevOps and Continuous Delivery, I’ve helped highly-regulated organizations achieve some great operational improvements:

Lead times
months/weeks ➡️ hours/mins
Reducing the the time it takes to deliver changes for software & infrastructure, which also enables more frequent releases
Recovery times
unknown/days/hours ➡️ known/mins
Reducing the time time it takes to recover from component failure and disasterous events, or pre-empt them and take preventative action
Image by Piotr Chrobot
escalations ⬇️ 80-100%
Reductions in 2nd- and 3rd-line support escalations where support teams previously had to wait on specialist knowledge in order to keep services running
Image by Maria Teneva


I’ve built and led the teams that deliver and support a number of automation platforms that leverage infra-as-code:

  • Centiq’s automation platform for SAP deployments and operations across heterogeneous customer landscapes, enabling the business to scale its services (2017-2021)
  • Thames Water’s automation platform for building and managing clustered SAP HANA landscapes in Azure with regional disaster recovery (2018-2019)
  • Capital One’s self-service CI/CD software delivery platform used throughout UK tech teams (Mobile, Web, API, Infrastructure, and Data), and even a few in the US too (2014-2016)

Throughout 2020, I also led the team that collaborated with Microsoft Azure Engineering in the US on their open source initiative; delivering HA HANA Clustering, along with the SAP Application Tier, and SAP Software Install Framework.


I spent a number of years developing software (mainly Java APIs) for centralized admin of trading platforms at Thomson Reuters (now part of LSEG). Alongside leading on a few projects, I got to spent a good deal of time working closely with remote Ops teams in London and Bangkok (2007-2014).

Prior to that, I was an academic researcher/lecturer in Crypto/Security and Computer-aided Learning at the University of Nottingham alonside completing my PhD in Crypto/Security with funding from British Telecom Research Labs (2001-2007).

Short Bio

Ben Moss is a commercially-aware, hands-on tech leader with 15 years’ experience in FinTech, professional, and managed services. He has a background in software engineering and passion for systems thinking, so his career has paralleled the DevOps movement. He’s spent the last decade in leadership roles helping highly-regulated companies improve their value streams and respond to a wide range of tech and business challenges. His latest interests are CI/CD automated compliance and the socio-technical factors that assist/inhibit organizational learning.